There are various types of panties available for women, each offering different styles and levels of coverage. Here are some common types:

  1. Briefs: Also known as “granny panties,” briefs provide full coverage and have a higher waistline.
  1. Bikini: Bikini panties have a lower waistline and offer moderate coverage on the backside.
  1. Hipsters: Hipster panties have a lower waistline like bikinis, but they provide more coverage on the sides.
  1. Thongs: Thongs have a narrow strip of fabric in the back and minimal coverage on the front. They are designed to eliminate visible panty lines.
  1. G-strings: Similar to thongs, g-strings have an even narrower strip of fabric in the back, providing minimal coverage.
  1. Boyshorts: Boyshorts have a longer leg and provide more coverage on the hips and backside. They resemble men’s boxer briefs.

High-cut briefs: These panties have a higher leg opening, giving the illusion of longer legs while still providing full coverage.

French-cut panties: French-cut panties have a high waistline and high leg openings, similar to high-cut briefs but with a higher waist.

  1. Tanga: Tanga panties provide moderate coverage on the backside but have a narrower cut on the sides compared to bikinis.
  1. Cheeky: Cheeky panties have a lower waistline and provide slightly less coverage on the backside compared to bikinis.

So this information will help you to decide, which panty is best suited for you.

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